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XDX Innovative Refrigeration

For over a decade, XDX Innovative Refrigeration has been helping companies around the world meet environmental initiatives and save money by reducing energy usage by at least 18% in commercial refrigeration and air conditioning systems, as well as improving product quality and extending product shelf life.

From restaurants and bakeries to food manufacturers, hospitals and schools, XDX's patented technologies are improving system performance, decreasing defrost cycles, improving product safety, quality and shelf life by maintaining consistent temperatures, and reducing maintenance costs.  The result is a positive impact on the bottom line.

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Outsourced Innovation LED Lighting

Outsourced Innovation's measurement and validation approach helps make important decisions relating to sustainable lighting technology.  Their team of engineers, marketers, designers, and strategists help clients implement sustainable,  market transforming technology for the greatest business impact.

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Minnesota Department of Commerce LED Lighting Study


Synecticsworld is an international consulting firm that ignites the ingenuity of our clients, building agile, powerful creative problem solving skills across their organizations.  Synecticsworld has a robust 50 year history of working with our clients to tap into the unarticulated wants and needs of their customers, to produce breakthrough products and services, invented by our clients with built-in commitment and success across their organizations.

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